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Minecraft is a PC game that allows you to mine, build, blow up and destroy in a world full of blocks, allowing you to play on a range of difficulties. The Game is Highly Modifiable witch would be one of the reasons it has sold over 6,000,000+ Copys, There are many mods already available from Texture packs; Which change the way the world looks, to full mods witch can do simple things as make stone glow to heavy changes that would make my favourite Minecraft players the Yogscast say “Its Like a Brand New Game”.The Game allows you to create different items that can assist you in game play.You may also play with others on servers and may build caves go into the Nether which is the Underworld of Minecraftia. The game involves different materials you can get in the real world like Iron, water, wood, diamond, gold and other items all in block form. Also as you can see in the picture above you have to defend against creatures who will want to hurt you. The game has been released to a few Consoles; The Google Play Market, The Apple Store and Xbox Live. The Game is by Mojang a Swedish company. Puzzleman2004 rates this game 8.5 out of 10 stars while thegbrain rates this 8 out of 10 stars Bikeinator Rates this 8 out of 10.


Half Life


Half Life is the first game from the Half Life Series and believe it or not a game that Revolutionised the Gaming industry. This game was the first game to have Open worlds; Before this game Sky was not a common thing, and it was the first game to incorporate Friendly NPCs that you may have to talk to to know what to do next.The Game is created by Valve who bring us Steam (Will do page on Steam) This Game was released late 1998 and for such an old game it is amazing for its time. More to Come Soon. *Score to come* (Bikeinator)


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