Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a console created by Nintendo that uses sensors to communicate and instruct the Wii with the Wii remote. A lot of games have been made for the Wii for example: New super Mario bros, Super smash bros brawl, Zelda, De blog, Yugioh and much more. So far on the Top 3 Wii games for November 2011 was Super Mario Galaxy 2 ow and what a surprise next is Super Mario Galaxy but coming in third is my favorite Zelda twilight princess but don’t everyone worry Zelda Skyward Sword will beat the old Zelda.  (Even thought the Nintendo 64 was better in some cases ….shhh). When the Wii was first released it sold with a massive 3.19 million worldwide. The Nintendo Wii is also very good to get people into shape because it will need you to interact with the console by moving the Wii remote. If you have ever had a new Wii remote you will now that the sensors on the new remote will need permition from the Wii hence why Nintendo create a red button on the front of the Wii NOT THE POWER BUTTON.


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